Boat Towing CoursesIf you're planning a trip to Europe or the UK, and might do some boating or jet skiing over there, you'll probably want an International Certificate of Competence (ICC). This is the accepted European ticket which allows a person from one country to go boating in another, without having to get that other countries boat licence. An Australian boat licence is not accepted over there as a valid ticket.

The countries below accept the International Certificate of Competence as proof of acceptable level of competence:
Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Romania, Slovakia, South Africa, Switzerland, United Kingdom, France, Italy and Poland.

Australian Boating College's boat licence course has been accepted by International Yacht Training, who are one of a few international organisations able to issue the

This means that all past and present students of Australian Boating College, who have done the theory and practical assessment with us within the last 5 years, are eligible for their ICC without having to do any further training or assessment.

The ICC certificates which are automatically applicable to the ABC licence course are:

  • MCA Small Powerboat & RIB Master (recreational & commercial)
  • EU International Certificate of Competency (ICC - Irish) for Power vessels <10m
  • EU International Certificate of Competency (ICC - Irish) for Personal Watercraft (PWC) .

If you need an ICC, simply contact our nearest ABC licence training centre. We can also organise your ICC sailing endorsement if you're planning a sailing holiday.

Some things you may not know:

Throughout the Mediterranean in particular:

  • Port authorities rejecting visiting pleasure vessels without an ICC
  • Charter companies rejecting customers not holding an ICC
  • Coastal police issuing fines to pleasure boat operators not holding an ICC (in particular, PWC's around Spain have been hit hard)

So if you're getting your boat licence here in Australia, keep in mind that Australian Boating College's one day course is the only licence training organisation whose course is approved for an International Certificate of Competence, not only for new students, but also our past students.

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