Crossing a bar is one of the most dangerous things you can do in a boat!

Warren Steptoe wrote an informative technical article on crossing a barred entrance to the open sea from an inlet or river mouth in Club Marine publication [Steptoe, W. (2002) “How to Cross a Bar Safely”, Club Marine, Vol. 17, Issue 6.]

When crossing a bar you are dealing with the possibility of injuries and even death, so if there is any doubt about getting across a bar safely please do not do it.

There is a certain amount of knowledge and experience necessary to gain confidence. Experience only comes from, well, experience and in a situation with inherent dangers the only way to gain it is sensibly.

Growing up swimming in the surf, which so many Australians do, ingrains a considerable amount of fundamental understanding about bar crossings.

To minimise the high cost of litigation and increase your confidence in crossing bars, we recommend that you take courses or do a familiarisation day on any bar you intend to cross.

We also recommend the Australian Boating College Sunshine Coast 60-minute video “How to Cross a Bar Safely”. Warren Steptoe states; “It’s simply the best bar crossing instructional video I have ever come across.”

How to Cross Coastal Bars Safely DVD

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How to cross coastal bars safely DVD

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