Below is a summarised small list of real experiences which have occurred to off shore boaties. We’ve placed them here so you can think about how you’d handle them in the comfort of your lounge room, rather than facing the situation on the water.

These things have happened, as well as a few thousand others not mentioned! (We’ve left out the good things about boating, you’ll discover them yourself)

Engine breaks down when crossing a bar
Engine breaks down in water too deep to drop anchor
Boat breaks down when out of radio range
Boat swamped off shore
Boat run over by passing ship
Boat capsized off-shore
Boat capsized in bar
Boat swamped in bar
Gear dropped overboard
Transom & engine fall off boat (boat sunk)
Sharks gnawing on boat
Running out of fuel
Bad visibility down to 100m
Wind springs up causing huge seas
Swell comes up and closes bar
Stings/bites cause skipper incapacitation
Encounter a broken down vessel
Tow a vessel through a bar
Divers below and unmanned boat drifts away
Boat swamped and sunk whilst divers below
Boat stolen whilst divers below
Anchor gets stuck on a reef
Loss of anchor (drifting in heavy seas)
Injury on board
Fire on board
Person overboard
Hitting a turtle
Gear malfunction
Beached on a reef
Temporarily unsure of position (lost)
‘Oft heard quote in the boating fraternity’: “Ah, the joys of boating”