To obtain your boat licence, you need to have:

  • practical boating experience
  • undertaken the theory seminar
  • passed the theory exam

The whole process can be achieved in just one day by attending our approved course. We’ll take you through the theory and do the examination, and take you on the water and deliver comprehensive training and assessment to the standards required by NSW Maritime.

If you also want your PWC licence, we can incorporate that on the day and you can do the PWC assessment on the day. The PWC training and assessment is theory only.

When you successfully complete the assessments, we’ll provide you with a Satisfactory Course Completion Certificate and a Licence Application Form, which you can take or mail to Maritime to obtain your boat or PWC licence, no further testing is required.

This is the simplest, quickest and most efficient way to gain your licence.

Every student receives a copy of our high quality color notes, which include the state boat and PWC rules for NSW, VIC, and QLD. These notes are the best in the country and cover everything a new skipper needs to know.

Every student also receives a copy of our free* training DVD so that there’s plenty of useful boating information you can view after the course.

Our advantages include high quality product and the extra value we provide our customers.

The other way to obtain the practical boating experience component can be achieved by your logging a minimum 3 separate boat trips, and under the supervision of a General Licence Holder who has had a General Powerboat Licence for a minimum of 3 years. The supervisor will sign your log book and this must be presented along with your Course Completion Certificate to Maritime to obtain your licence. The Course Completion Certificate is given to you after successfully passing the theory examination. If you choose to go this way, you can come to us just for the theory seminar and theory examination before or after you do the log book. It’s better to do the theory seminar with us first, so you can receive proper training on the rules before you start out on the water.

In other words we offer the full day course.  We also offer half day or evening theory seminars. Check the training centre schedules on this site for details. So whichever way you want to gain your licence, we offer the service you need.

To gain maximum benefit from the classroom session we advise you to do some pre-study prior to attending. Pre study on line course is available on this site: Click Here