Book your Boat and/or PWC Licence Course at our Torquay Venue

About the Learning & Assessment Process

You can choose to do the learning with us in the classroom, or study online at times that suit you and in the comfort of your own home. Learning the rules requires the same amount of time either way.

A regulated closed book theory exam must be done in the presence of; and under control of our approved instructor. Additionally you will do the practical on-water training and assessment with us.

When you have completed all training and assessment, a Course Completion Certificate will be given to you so you can take it to Qld Transport to obtain your licence and pay their fee.

The boat licence course timings are regulated by the Department of Transport and Main Roads, and takes a minimum of 6.5 hours to complete; including assessments, theory and practical. Additional regulated time is required if also doing the PWC licence.



Senior instructor, Larry Burch, has the experience and expertise to cover all the aspects of boat training, and to help you to get your boat and PWC licence. Larry runs the Fraser Island Jet Ski Tours business at Aque Vue Café, and knows more than most about boating around Hervey Bay.