The course is usually run in one day. At its completion, participants receive a completion certificate which you can present to Queensland Transport, whereupon a licence will be issued.

Our instructors are commercial mariners, who also hold national training qualifications. More importantly, boating is in their blood, and most of them go boating on their days off!

During the course you’ll practice a whole range of tasks while driving our vessel, and become familiar with docking, mooring, and low and high speed maneuvering. You’ll also do practical exercises such as chart work and trip planning, and gain the required knowledge of Queensland’s marine regulations to be a competent skipper.

Topics Covered

Queensland marine regulations
Collision avoidance rules
Safety equipment
Aspects of anchoring
Trip planning
Managing emergencies
Weather and tides
Engine and boat maintenance
Marine radio
$$$ Savings are available for multiple and group bookings. For more detailed schedule information send an e-mail or call the training centre.

To obtain a PWC licence you need to have first obtained your Recreational Marine Drivers Licence (boat licence).
There are two aspects to obtaining your PWC licence: 1. Theory, & 2. Practical
1. Theory
To help prepare for the PWC licence multiple choice assessment questions, please view our
PWC study material (pdf, 230k),and study it. It contains the theory information you need for your PWC assessment, and on the day, further training; and revision with our trainer is provided.
2. Practical
When ready to go for your PWC licence test, please contact our closest training centre to arrange a time. You can provide your own PWC (must provide proof of insurance), or most of our areas have PWC’s available..
If you have never ridden a PWC we’ll train you how to operate it, and in a constructive process bring your skills to the required level. We’ll be on the water with you, either on an attendant PWC or boat, or on your PWC, and be able to offer advice and instruction. Allow an hour and a half for the assessment and administration.
At the conclusion of the QLD PWC Licence Course you’ll receive a Satisfactory Course Completion Certificate which can be presented to Queensland Transport to obtain your PWC licence.