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WA Recreational Skippers Ticket Course

Comprehensive Training & Assessment Course

All of our courses are designed with the novice in mind, providing everything you need to walk away with the skills and knowledge to get out on the water on your own. We want you to be confident to enjoy our waterways safely as a skipper. It all starts here… from choosing a location and time that suits you below, and then you will be emailed our unique online training course which is filled with interesting videos and quizzes so you can start learning now.

When you come along on the day to become a skipper one of our highly trained and experienced assessors will spend the time with you prior to the multi choice questionnaire to make sure you understood the theoretical side as it is almost another language. Once you have passed this, we get straight on the boat (after a toilet break) and into the hands on training you require to pass your practical test. Driving a boat is not difficult but remembering all the steps required by DoT requires time actually doing it. We do not put a stop watch on it takes as much time as it takes on 1 of our custom training boats, so a low pressure environment is created and relaxed skippers get better results.

Spend the time doing the online course at home (3-4hrs) and from a complete novice you should have your skippers ticket easily by the end of the day. If for whatever reason you fail anything we do not charge you again, zero. This eases peoples nerves again which gives us better results. With us you only pay for the course once and there are no extra costs to resit a theory or a practical test.



2 Students $290 ea

3 Students $280 ea



2 Students $300 ea

3 Students $290 ea

WA Recreational Skippers Ticket FAQs

What is the Recreational Skippers Ticket?

The Recreational Skippers Ticket (RST) is set by the Department of Transport and required for anyone who would like to skipper a recreational vessel with an engine greater than 6hp in WA waters.

We’ve developed and refined our courses for over a decade to guide you effortlessly through all the RST requirements, and we’re proud of our 98% pass rate

Who needs to have a Recreational Skippers Ticket?

A Recreational Skippers Ticket is needed for any person who wants to skipper a boat, dinghy, 70 foot launch or a PWC (jet ski). It does not matter what size or type of vessel as long as it is recreational and powered by an engine over 6hp.

The recreational skippers ticket will let you skipper any vessel of any length or engine size, so long as it’s not in a commercial capacity – eg driving the Rottnest Ferry.

Learning the WA Boating Rules - Use Australian Boating College's Online Recreational Skippers Ticket Course

We’ve just gone live with our new Recreational Skippers Ticket Online Course. The course is designed to provide all the theory you need for recreational boating, as well as teaching you all the rules to pass the exam. The course has helpful hints in many of the quiz questions, and the final quiz is designed so you can test yourself to see whether you are ready to sit for the exam with our assessor. There are videos in the course, so you can see situations on the water as they are explained. This is the best way to learn, rather than trying to learn it from a book. You can book and pay  for a class from our home page schedule, and the online course link will automatically be emailed to you to start learning now.

Course locations for the Recreational Skippers Ticket around Mandurah & South West WA

We hold our RST courses at various locations, most days of the week.

Course locations are decided by being close to you but also being quiet enough on the water to be able to train in a user friendly environment. We complete the practical in a quiet location so this means we do not do the course at a place like Hillarys or Deep Water Point on the Canning River on a weekend as there is way too much traffic on the water. Would you want to do your car driving test in the city on a Friday afternoon’s peak hour?

This might mean you might have to drive a little further to get a suitable course on a specific day, but trust us it’s worth the effort and will save you stress.

Assessing the WA Recreational Skippers Ticket Theory

You will need to provide us suitable ID, and any extra forms necessary such as a consent form if under 18, or eyesight declaration form if you do not have an Australian MDL (motor drivers licence) or LP (Learners Permit).

Theory assessment is done via a Department of Transport standard closed-book 40 question Multiple Choice Questionnaire. The Department of Transport has established a standard pass criteria for all students. Minimum pass level is 34/40. A score rate of 30-33 is not a pass, but you can resit one more test on the same day for no extra charge after going over with our trainer where you went wrong.

Our success rate is an incredibly high 98%, with two attempts included at the test on the day. If you don’t pass during the comprehensive course, you can come back on any other course date and have another go – at no additional cost!

Once you have passed the theory assessment, we hop on our boat and the fun practical training part starts.

Training we provide for the WA Recreational Skippers Ticket Practical tasks

We sometimes are asked “I’ve never driven a boat before, can I do this? It might be too hard?”

Our courses are designed for people new to boating. To be honest it’s quite often easier to train someone with zero experience than someone who might have picked up some bad habits.

As part of the course we’ll take you out on the water, aboard one of our ABC vessels, and train you on the different boating tasks you need to know.

It’s a fun experience that takes a couple hours and designed for novices, so no previous experience is necessary. The boating practical is usually the favourite section of the day once your nerves settle, and you realise how simple it can be, it’s a ton of fun!

There are 11 formal tasks you need to be able to do competently, and the assessment for these is via a structured point system, laid out by the Department of Transport. These are based around the things a skipper usually does on every boating trip, and all we’re really doing is training you in the practical aspects of normal recreational boating.

To help you prepare for the assessment, view our Recreational Skippers Ticket videos for each of the below tasks, which explain what we’re looking for you to do in each task.

  1. Situational awareness and general seamanship

  2. Securing the boat to a pontoon

  3. Performing a safety briefing to your passengers

  4. Doing pre-start checks and start your motor

  5. Logging on

  6. Departing the berth

  7. Person overboard

  8. Steer a transit

  9. Controlled stop

  10. Docking the boat

  11. Logging off

All these should be done while applying the collision regulations.

We will train you how to do it, and give you ample practice on each task; to help you build confidence and knowledge so you can pass the assessment.

Assessing the WA Recreational Skippers Ticket Practical

When we think you’re ready, we’ll formally assess you on the 11 practical tasks above, which you have learnt and just practiced, which usually takes about 10 – 15 minutes.

How long does the Course take?

Start times will be confirmed via email before the course.

Courses usually run for half a day. Start times vary as we have both morning and afternoon courses and usually last 5 hours.
Check the calendar on our centre’s home page as all details are provided there.

After Successfully Completing Assessments

You’re now qualified and equipped to take your vessel out on the water, congratulations!

If you want to hone your skills or learn any advanced boating techniques, please feel free to look at our personalised custom boating lessons and get expert hands-on training today.

** More Trainers Needed** 

Please call Pete if you’re interested in becoming a RST trainer/assessor with ABC Perth Southern suburbs, Mandurah & South West of WA.

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Student Testimonials

Most of my family and I recently completed our Recreational Skippers Tickets at Australian Boating College. We found them to be professional and they always put the students first. Their Training Coordinator was very patient and also a lot of fun; while some of us had prior experience we still learnt a lot from the course. I would highly recommend Australian Boating College Courses to anyone, of any age or skill level.
Adam was our instructor for the night and what an awesome job he did. He really broke things down and explained it in ways that made it easier to understand. In the short time we had with him it felt like we learnt so much and walked away from that lesson with more knowledge than we walked in with.


This is just a short note to say thank you very much for the RST course you conducted for Dave and myself last week, I am really glad to have got it done and out the way before the rush hits next March! Your delivery of the theoretical work was truly professional, and more importantly, easily understandable. Also I really appreciated the superb manner in which you conducted the practical side of the test, it was most informative, and whats more, enjoyable too.
Peter once again thanks for a superb day, and I for one have no hesitation in recommending you as a supplier of the Recreational Skippers Ticket course.


Jane and I would like to thank you for making the course an enjoyable and stress free event. Jane was a bit nervous at first during the practical session, but with your mild manner and positive demeanour you made her feel at ease and she passed with flying colours. We thought your course was very well run, and I will recommend your company to all my friends and associates who are looking at completing the WA Recreational Skippers Ticket.


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