Gold Coast Boat and PWC Licences

Enjoy the comfort of our floating Classroom at the Southport Yacht Club, courses are available every Thursday, Saturday and Sunday (8am start time)

Whilst fun, being a licensed skipper also comes with a lot of responsibility. In a safe, fun and professional environment we will teach you the skills you need to get out on the water safely. Australian Boating College is an accredited provider of Maritime Safety Queensland’s BoatSafe Licence Scheme.

There are 4 steps you need to complete to obtain your licence.

STEP 1 Firstly, online theory training to complete the BoatSafe accredited course in preparation for the formal theory assessment & must be completed prior to practical boat or pwc training.

STEP 2 Next, put that theory into practice by undergoing practical boat or PWC training on the water to become competent to complete your practical assessment.

STEP 3 Once you have mastered both the theory and practical training sections. Complete Theory & Practical assessment. These are done to the Boatsafe standards.

STEP 4 You’ve done it…. Now take your Statement of Competency to Queensland Transport within 6 months to obtain your Marine Licence.

  • To obtain a PWC (Jet Ski) Licence you will need to first hold a RMDL (boat) licence or equivalent. The combined Boat & PWC Licence Course is available at the same time under the same 4 step process.
  • The minimum age to obtain a boat or PWC licence is 16. You can attend a course at 15½yo as the statement of competency is valid for 6 months.

For a more detailed explanation please read below.

Courses and Pricing

Boat Licence Course – $300

  • ON WATER PRACTICAL TRAINING & ASSESSMENT (approx 3hr group session)

Combined Boat and PWC (Jet Ski) Licence Course – $500 

  • ON WATER PRACTICAL TRAINING & ASSESSMENT (approx 3hr group boat session and 45 min 1 on 1 PWC session)

PWC Only (Jet Ski) Course – $275 (must already hold a boat licence)

  • ON WATER PRACTICAL TRAINING & ASSESSMENT (approx  45 min 1 on 1 PWC session)

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About our Training

Boat Licence and Jet Ski Licence CourseYou will be completing the Boatsafe accredited training course in a safe, fun, professional environment using up to date equipment that reflects the type of equipment you may be using once you have obtained your licence. Our objective is to help you obtain your marine licence in a way that gives you the confidence to get out and safely enjoy what Queensland has to offer.

The BoatSafe Licence Scheme is a competency based system designed to give you the training to get you safely out on the water with standards set by Maritime Safety Queensland.


The theory training is where you learn the information to be able to get out on the water safely and covers the theory aspects of safe boating & jet skiing to prepare you for the theory assessment.

You will need to complete the theory before you attend the practical training session.

The Online Theory

Enables you to learn at your own pace and go back over sections until you are comfortable that you understand them. The course includes videos, explanations and quizzes. Theory and Practical Assessments must be completed within a 3 month time frame on completion of the Online Theory Course. This is a QLD Government regulation. 


After theory training has been completed you will be assessed with a closed book theory exam (50 multiple choice questions).This needs to be done in person with us and is normally completed on the day you attend the practical training. The allocated exam time is 45 minutes.

  • The pass mark for the 50 multiple choice question MSQ exam is 100%. If any of the questions are answered incorrectly, you will need to undergo further training on those sections. You will then be given a second attempt at getting 100% on the exam (you will only be required to redo the questions you answered incorrectly).
  • If unsuccessful the student is deemed not yet competent, you can come back to us for further training and reattempt the theory assessment on another day.
  • You will not be able to complete the practical assessment until you have passed the theory assessment.

There is no limit on the number of reattempts you can do, bearing in mind that only 2 attempts on the same day are allowed, and that you will pay an assessment fee to us on each day you attempt the assessment.

STEP 2: PRACTICAL TRAINING – Putting the theory into practice

So it’s time to put the theory into practice. The practical training takes place on one of our vessels and the initial lesson will have you behind the wheel for between 45-60 mins. You will learn how to do a variety of tasks every skipper needs to be able to do such as- Man overboard, berthing, manoeuvring at low and high speeds, general navigation on water, and emergency stops.

There are 20 different tasks you need to be competent in to be able to pass the practical assessment.

  • You will be given opportunity to practice each task, and the instructor will advise whether they think you are at a competency level to attempt the formal practical assessment. This will be an honest opinion from the instructor, but in the assessment it will be up to you to complete the tasks without any assistance or help.
  • For students who have never driven a boat before, multiple training sessions will probably be needed, depending on the student’s aptitude.
  • Our upfront fee includes practical training on the water, with between 45-60 minutes training per person (group session of 3-4 people) for the various tasks you will be assessed on, giving you the opportunity to learn as you watch other people as well as practice yourself.
  • When you can do each of these tasks without any assistance or guidance by the instructor, you will be ready to attempt the assessment.

You may not be competent in driving the boat / PWC in just one day Additional practical on water training session(s) may be required if you are unsuccessful in performing the required tasks for assessment.

This is charged at $200 per hour and includes instructor and vessel.

Discuss scheduling for this with your instructor.


The Boatsafe licensing system requires the instructor to formally assess each student’s competence on a prescribed list of tasks.

You will need to pass a formal practical assessment without assistance or guidance from the instructor.

  • Only ONE attempt at each practical task is allowed per day under assessment conditions. So if you run over a float during the man overboard task or do not follow the regulations etc., then just like a car licence you can’t be passed that day.

If you are unsuccessful in the practical assessment, you can pay for further training session(s), giving you the time to practice the required tasks again until you are ready for the next attempt of the Practical Assessment ($100 is charged for each additional assessment). 

STEP 4:  Present your Statement of Competency to Queensland Transport.

When you have successfully completed the theory and practical assessments, we will provide the statement of competency and Licence application form to take into Qld Transport to obtain your licence. The statement of competency is valid for 6 months and must be presented in person during this time, otherwise reassessment is required.

The Licence fees for RMDL and PWCL charged at Qld Transport are available at:


About Australian Boating College Gold Coast

With Australian Boating College, obtaining a licence to operate your boat or PWC  is made simple, with dedicated instructors who bring practical and theory together on the day of training.

  • Australian Boating College (ABC) is the largest provider of Australian PWC (Jet Ski) and recreational boat training;
  • We are a Registered Training Organisation (RTO 3399) and we conform to National VET Training Standards;
  • Every student receives high quality training and assessment processes;
  • You have access right now to free online training quizzes which will help you prepare for the MCQ exam;
  • You will experience safe, modern, comfortable vessels for practical training, which are similar vessels to what you will most likely be owning yourself;
  • We conduct boat and PWC licence training courses Australia wide;
  • We deliver extremely good value for money with prices that are competitive;
  • We began training students for Boat Licences and PWC Licences in 1994;
  • We operate our licence training courses under documented safety systems;
  • Our instructors are hand-picked for their friendly manner, experience and ability to teach; which in turn delivers more students passing the exam.

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Customer Testimonials

Hi Russell,

I had a blast today and I would like to thank you for making me so welcome, and Rick for making the day such fun.

I’m going to recommend your boat licence course to anyone who will listen.

Thank you again,


I completed your rec boating course yesterday… I would just like to say !WELL DONE! your course material and the instructors were so easy to understand and the the way it was put across was a definite positive outcome so thanks for making things easy for the common person to understand.